Comparing Different Eye Care Solutions for Dry Eyes

Solutions for Dry Eyes

Anyone who has experienced the itchy scratchiness of dry eyes knows how incredibly uncomfortable it can be. The sensations associated with the condition can vary, but they are all unpleasant. Some people experience stinging, burning, or a gritty feeling. Others find they have excessive mucus around the eyes, or they develop a sensitivity to light.…

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Pros and Cons of Available Treatments for MGD and Dry Eyes

treatments for MGD

When your eyes are dry, itchy or tired, you want dry eye relief fast. For many, that means reaching for eye drops or artificial tears marketed as effective dry eye relief. This approach, however, doesn’t address the most common cause of dry eyes: a condition called meibomian gland disorder, or “MGD.” In fact, there are…

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What Happens if You Don’t Treat Dry Eye Syndrome?

Latest treatment for dry eye syndrome

Millions of Americans every year deal with dry eyes, and almost half of Americans have what is known as dry eye syndrome (DES). DES is more common in those over 40, and is characterized by a dry, itchy, or gritty feeling in the eyes that creates discomfort for most people, but without proper treatment could…

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How Do You Unclog Your Meibomian Glands at Home?

meibomian gland dysfunction treatments

Most of us associate tears with intense emotion. The truth is that they play a vital role in keeping the eye healthy. Tears have three components: mucus, water and oil. When eyes become dry, the problem must be that the eyes are not producing enough tear fluid, right? It turns out that it’s actually the…

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#1 New Risk to Children’s Eyesight – Dry Eyes

As children grow, their eyes change quickly. They learn so much as they take in the world visually. So, parents work to protect their children’s eyesight from the greatest risks. While genetic conditions and other causes of childhood vision trouble are out of parents’ control, the #1 risk to children’s eyesight, dry eye syndrome, has…

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