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Do I have Dry Eye Symptoms? And How Can I Get Relief?

Do I have dry eyes?

You’ve started waking up with dry eyes. Your eyelids stick together in the morning, and it feels like you have sand in your eyes. Maybe your eyes sting or burn and feel dry. Or perhaps they are red and tear up without reason. Your eyes are sore, and you’ve started facing away from the wind because it makes your eyes feel worse. You had been blaming it on your contact lenses, but you stopped wearing them, and it still happens. You also have some light sensitivity, and sometimes it is hard even to keep your eyes open. So, you try to relax by picking up a good book but notice eye fatigue after a very short time. Yes, those are dry eye symptoms, and you can get relief!

Chances are you have already tried a warm compress for dry eyes and more than one brand of artificial tears or eye drops. While you may have found some temporary relief from your dry eye symptoms, these treatments didn’t last. Let’s dive deeper into the possible causes and solutions so you can get some ongoing relief for your dry eyes.

How do I Know if I Have Dry Eye Disease Symptoms?

If you could relate at all to the first paragraph of this article, you have dry eye symptoms.

It could be that you take one of the medications that have dry eyes as a side effect. Check the insert for all your medications to see if that’s the case. If so, ask your doctor if there is an alternative medication that is less likely to affect your eyes.

There are many additional causes of dry eye symptoms, including hormonal changes, autoimmune diseases, eyelid (meibomian gland) dysfunction and inflammation or allergies. Also, some people wear a mask for Covid-19 protection or working all day in the medical field, which can cause dry eyes.

How Can I Get Relief?

Once you determine the cause of your dry eye symptoms, it is easier to get relief. Change your medications, treat your hormonal issues or autoimmune disease, and then waiting for allergy season to pass are a good start.

If you wear a mask for Covid-19 protection or work and think it may contribute to your dry eyes, see the article, Covid-19 Masks Inflame Dry Eyes.

But you can take charge of your health more actively by following some of these specific tips.

  • Look down on your computer screen. That way, you don’t open your eyes as wide, which then slows the evaporation of tears between blinks. Limit screen time.
  • Keep air from blowing into your eyes. Hairdryers, air conditioners, car heaters, and fans should all blow away from your face. 
  • Wear wraparound sunglasses and add safety shields to the tops and sides of regular glasses.
  • Stop smoking and avoid secondhand smoke. 
  • Use a humidifier to add moisture to dry indoor air.
  • Take breaks when you’re reading or concentrating. Close your eyes or blink several times for a few seconds to spread your tears around.
  • Use artificial tear eyedrops even when your eyes feel okay. Keep them lubricated.
  • Add omega-3 fatty acids to your diet.
  • Take Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplements.
  • Boost your Zinc intake.

Even taking all these steps is likely to leave you with some dry eye symptoms. That’s why a scientist in London invented the EverTears self-heating compress to provide an over the counter option for sustained dry eye relief.

Many describe using the EverTears™ dry eye therapy combining a warm compress and soft cleaning pad as“like a spa treatment for my eyes!”

Introducing A New Treatment for Dry Eye Symptoms

Combining a warm compress with a cleaning pad into a single therapy for dry eyes, EverTears eliminates the need for multiple products. Save time and money using just one treatment for around $1/day!

A simple, quick, and affordable treatment improves dry eye symptoms in about 5 minutes a day. Activate the heat, apply the warm compress for dry eyes, then gently clean each eyelid.  You can check out a short video that explains exactly how it works at thermaMEDx.com.

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