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Meibomian Gland Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments

Those who suffer from Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) feel more than the discomfort of dry eyes. MGD alters the production and release of the oily film that helps protect the eyes, leaving sufferers with chronic irritation and often painful condition. In the past, people were forced to hassle with compresses and bulky masks heated in the microwave or with hot water. However, these were inconvenient and at times dangerous treatments for MGD

Now there is a much better solution called EverTears®. We’ll learn more about EverTears® and why it is one of the best treatments for MGD below, but first, let’s take a closer look at the disorder that causes over 80% of all chronic dry eye cases.

MGD Causes

Meibomian glands secrete meibum, an oil that covers our eyes to protect and seal in our natural tear moisture. When these glands are obstructed, the result is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, or MGD. Some of the causes of MGD are linked to other medical issues such as conjunctivitis, high cholesterol, the use of retinoids (for cosmetic or medical use), and some medications can also lead to MGD. However, the most common causes of MGD are hormonal changes like menopause, wearing contact lenses or eye makeup, and excessive use of digital devices like smartphones and computers. 

MGD Symptoms

During the early stages of MGD, the symptoms can often go unnoticed or simply be dismissed as tired, overworked eyes. If left untreated, symptoms can build and the eyes may start to burn, feel excessively dry, or become itchy. Some experience watery eyes and unexplained blurry vision, especially at night. For others, dry eye disease caused by MGD feels like there is grit or sand in the eye. Blepharitis is an eye condition that causes eyelid inflammation; at night, it is common for the eyes to crust over. While blepharitis is an eye condition in its own right, prolonged MGD can result in blepharitis.

MGD Treatments

One of the most common at-home treatments for MGD is to apply heat (such as a warm washcloth) and a soap-free gentle cleaner to open the glands and help release the oil in your eyes. A doctor may also prescribe treatments for advanced MGD that include steroids for inflammation and lubricants to relieve dry eyes. Whether advanced treatments for MGD are needed or not, most sufferers routinely use the warm compress and cleaning method to keep the issue at bay.

While warm compresses help open the glands in your eyes, this old-school method can be problematic. To be effective, a warm compress needs to be heated to a precise level of heat that can be maintained for several minutes without cooling off in the middle of treatment. Not everyone has access to a kettle or microwave, especially when out of the house, at work, or traveling. Even when access, these methods risk not heating your compress to the right temperature, making it either too hot and unsafe or not hot enough to relieve your dry eye symptoms. A used washcloth on sore eyes can also promote infection so a clean cloth would need to be used each time. Since it’s difficult to regulate the heat temperature when using hot water or microwave heating as treatments for MGD, EverTears® by ThermaMEDx is the best MGD solution.

EverTears® for MGD

EverTears® stands out among treatments for MGD. Created by doctors and backed by over 30 years of clinical science, EverTears® is an effective, convenient dry eye solution that can be used anywhere, anytime. Each individually wrapped packet contains a self-heating pad that you simply bend to activate. This heats the compress to a precise temperature that will help unclog your Meibomian glands and relieve your symptoms of dry eye. Apply the perfectly balanced heat to the closed eye for 2-3 minutes. Then use the sterile cloth pad that comes pre-moistened with a gentle solution of coconut oil extracts and moisturizers like hyaluronic acid (HA) to gently clean the eyelids. In under five minutes, this treatment helps unblock and clean the eyelid glands and helps promote the flow of oil.

EverTears® is one of the best treatments for MGD. The single-use self-heating pads are sterile, cannot overheat, and can be conveniently used from the nightstand, purse, office desk, or car (while not driving). On top of being the most convenient solution out there, EverTears® is also doctor-recommended. If you’re looking for treatments for MGD, check out ThermaMEDx today and purchase your EverTears® online!

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