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Advance Affordable Therapy

Based on our research, patients realize optimal results by using EverTears® twice a day for one-two weeks, followed by ongoing maintenance of once per day. Suggested office retail price of $42-$43 for a 30-count box enables patient maintenance use for less than $1.50 per day after the initial intensive treatment period.

Improve Practice Health

Clearly, advancing patient care is your top priority (and ours). EverTears® is not sold in stores to ensure ECPs are able to provide specific usage guidance based on their diagnosis of each patient's Dry Eye/MGD problem.  We designed our patient service model to provide convenience and special savings when patients follow the recommendations of their doctors.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: Doctors/staff explain the importance of daily heat therapy with eyelid hygiene and demonstrate how to use EverTears® during/after the exam.  Patients who can benefit from at-home heat therapy are provided a referral slip and educational brochure explaining Dry Eye/MGD and how EverTears® works

Step 2: In offices where OTC products are sold, the patient can choose to purchase their initial 30 day supply of EverTears® to enable immediate home therapy or they can simply use the referral slip to purchase later

Step 3: To receive free shipping and other benefits, patients use the referral slip to order on a special page of our website at or call our dedicated support staff for patient orders at (833) 937-9393 (833-xDryEye)

Step 4: Patients provide their zip code and choose their referring doctor from a list of nearby participating practices to ensure they receive our best pricing and free shipping when they subscribe


To sign up to receive our lowest pricing, please complete the form below and provide your license number.  We will be happy to provide more details and a link to the Platinum ordering portal.

Price Protection

Platinum members who enroll to receive shipments automatically will always get the same wholesale cost that's available through optical distributors. In addition, our commitment to Platinum members includes:

  • Our everyday website/online store price will be the same as our suggested retail price in eye care practices
  • Temporary online promotions will be targeted to generate new consumer trial (not available to customers referred by ECPs)
  • Absolutely no obligation…cancel at any time

Marketing Support

ThermaMEDx provides a suite of marketing tools and ongoing support including:

  • Brochures to help educate staff and patients about Dry Eye and MGD
  • Rx/referral pads printed with QR code and our dedicated phone ordering service supporting referred patients
  • Referrals for patients seeking Dry Eye Centers of Excellence via our "Doctor Locator" feature
  • Access to additional staff training content
  • Digital/Email templates to enable practices to provide all Dry Eye patients in their database the opportunity to try EverTears®

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