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Created By Doctors Committed to Improving the Quality of Life For Patients Suffering from Dry Eyes Related to Meibomian Gland Disorder

"Can’t say enough about how EverTears® helped give me back my freedom from painful dry eyes.  I’ve even been able to go back to wearing my contacts again!  Definitely recommend to everyone who thinks they have no choice but to live with dry eyes."

-  Patty Rangel, Augusta GA

“I had tried so many other products but nothing ever really worked for more than a few hours.  But after about a week using EverTears every night I began waking up without my usual dry itchy eyes.  My whole day gets off to a more pleasant start nowadays.”

- Sue Seligman, West Palm Beach, FL

“Ever since my doctor put me on a C-Pap machine I wake up with dry, painful eyes that tend to ache all day long.  I was using artificial tears at least 6 times a day and even tried those microwave masks.  But after my first box of EverTears, I was able to say goodbye to running back and forth to the microwave.”

-  Will Deloach, Humble TX

It is estimated that approximately 300+ Million patients worldwide are still searching for relief from dry eye disease

Women are at TWICE the risk as men to suffer from Dry Eye Disease related to MGD

Over 85% of Dry Eye cases are caused by a condition known as Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD

Do I Have Dry Eye Syndrome?

While over 16 million Americans are diagnosed with dry eyes, researchers believe that millions more go undiagnosed. Most people are surprised to learn that dry eyes are not caused by a lack of tears. Over 150 leading doctors and researchers collaborated as part of the 2017 Tear Film Ocular Society's Dry Eye Workshop II. Quite simply, they redefined dry eye disease.

Today, research indicates that up to 85% of dry eye diagnoses are related to a condition called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). Basically the glands that produce oils to cover and protect the tearfilm on the eyes can become clogged and fail to produce enough oil. Without the protective oils, your natural tear film evaporates which can create symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

Symptoms of chronic Dry Eyes and MGD:

Red, burning eyes
Blurry vision that improves when you blink
Eye strain / fatigue
Rough, gritty feeling eyes
Use artificial tears daily

Helps Restore Your NATURAL Tearfilm

Clinical research has proven that MGD can be effectively treated by applying heat directly to the eyelids where meibomian glands along with regular eyelid hygiene. Some doctors who specialize in dry eye treatment have invested in "thermal pulsation" equipment that enables them to precisely control the heat and pressure applied to the eyelid.

The doctors at ThermaMEDx set out on a mission to empower their dry eye patients to apply a similar approach at home that requires no machinery or prescription. We also designed our patented EverTears® self-heating, pre-moistened cleaning pads to be affordable at around $1/day.

Group 17

Precise Heat

Instantly provides moist heat at the exact temperature doctors recommend to help open pores and liquify the waxy buildup blocking meibomian glands.

Group 8

Precise Control

Designed so patients can safely heat and clean the precise area of the eyelids needed to help restore flow of protective oils and reduce evaporation of natural tear fluids.

Group 9

Precise Cleaning

Soft cloth cleaning pad pre-moistened with a gentle cleaning solution that includes coconut oil extracts.

As Easy as 1-2-3, Repeat.

STEP 1: Activate EverTears™
STEP 2: Apply Heat for 2-3 minutes
STEP 3: Gently Clean Eyelids

Step 1: Activate

Bend the EverTears™ pad in the middle several times to "click" start heat

Step 2: Apply Heat for 2-3 minutes

Close One Eye and Gently Cover Eyelids with EverTears™. Enjoy 2-3 minutes of soothing heat.

Step 3: Gently Clean Eyelids

Use a few light strokes to clean along the base of your eyelashes


Repeat these steps on the other eye and feel the soothing relief from EverTears™

As Easy as 1-2-3, Repeat.

Step 1

Activate EverTears®

Bend the EverTears™ pad in the middle to "click" start heat.

Step 2

Apply Heat for 2 minutes

Close One Eye and Gently Cover Eyelids with EverTears™. Enjoy 2-3 minutes of soothing heat.

Step 3

Gently Clean Eyelids

Use a few light strokes to clean along the eyelids.



Repeat these steps on the other eye and feel the soothing relief from EverTears™.

Backed By Science

Each EverTears™ self-heating, pre-moistened pad comes individually wrapped, so you can literally get relief from dry eye symptoms anywhere you go. For best results, start by using EverTears™ twice a day for the first seven days and then begin using one pad per day to continue benefits.

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