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Our Mission Begins with, "What if"?

For decades, we in the optical community have worked to ease the symptoms of Dry Eye Disease through the use of lubricants, masks and expensive in-office mechanical procedures. Unfortunately, patient compliance remains low, in part because current treatment options are inconvenient, ineffective or inaccessible to many…so relatively few patients experience sustained improvement.

We asked ourselves, "What if we could change that?"

Fueled by the vision of Dr. Michel Guillon, the ThermaMEDx team is passionate about bringing sustained relief for patients suffering from dry eyes. Dr. Guillon’s patented medical devices utilize thermal technology to provide an effective, affordable, and easy to use treatment designed to focus on the root cause of most dry eye cases…Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Partnering with the top scientists and eyecare professionals in the world, ThermaMEDx works to create positive disruption to the status quo by bringing affordable solutions that provide sustained relief from dry eyes related to MGD.

Advancing the Science

Dr. Guillon and others on the team dedicated decades of their career contributing to advancements in eyecare.