If your eyes often feel dry, scratchy, tired or watery, you may have dry eye syndrome. Over 85% of the time, dry eyes are caused by a condition called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD), and medical research has proven that the precise application of heat and eyelid hygiene are essential when it comes to getting relief from dry eye symptoms. Warm compresses for dry eyes and MGD can not only help you reduce dry eye symptoms, but also can help to restore your eyes’ natural tear film, which may mean you can kick the habit of using “artificial tears” or eye drops multiple times a day for temporary relief.

What is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)?

Meibomian Gland Dysfunction is a chronic condition that many people don’t know they have until their dry eye symptoms start to interfere with their everyday life. MGD occurs when the meibomian glands in the eyelids become clogged, whether due to aging, hormonal changes among women, environmental stress, wearing contact lenses, makeup or many other risk factors associated with meibomian gland blockage. 

Your eyes rely on meibomian glands to provide the oil layer that covers and protects the thin tear film on the front of your eyes. The tear film not only lubricates your eyes, but is also a critical part of how your eyes process light to provide clear vision. When your tear film doesn’t have a healthy oil layer for protection, the critical tear moisture evaporates more quickly, causing symptoms like dry, itchy, burning, painful or swollen eyes. MGD can also lead to other conditions like blepharitis, or inflammation along the rims of the eyelids.

MGD can get progressively worse over time if left untreated. Severe cases can be painful and even disabling, interfering with your everyday life. Many chronic dry eye sufferers have trouble reading due to watery or aching eyes. Others have been forced to give up wearing contact lenses and makeup, or can no longer see clearly enough at night to safely drive after dark. While many treatments exist, both for MGD itself and the dry eyes that accompany it, a new “two-in-one” technology from ThermaMEDx called “EverTears®” has been proven in clinical use to provide the most convenient and effective way to get long-lasting relief from symptoms of dry eye and MGD when used as directed. Doctors invented EverTears® to be the world’s first FDA registered product for at-home use that combines an instant heating compress at the precise temperature doctors recommend with a pre-moistened cleaning pad featuring natural coconut extracts and hyaluronic acids that gently clean and moisturize the eyelids. Multiple articles in prestigious medical magazines including Ophthalmology Times, Ophthalmology Management and Review of Optometric Business (pg. 37) featured interviews with top eye doctors who described EverTears® “two-in-one” design as a convenient warm compress for blocked eye glands that provides the precise heat and eyelid cleaning known to be the most effective way to get long-lasting relief from symptoms of MGD. This warm compress for eyelid meibomian gland blockage and dry eyes is simple and starts working right away.

How ThermaMEDx’s EverTears® treats MGD and dry eye symptoms

EverTears® is a new warm compress for the eyelids that was created by doctors dedicated to delivering effective dry eye solutions that are easy to use at home or on-the-go. This FDA registered (Class I) medical device is a convenient and affordable way to support everyday eyelid hygiene, bringing together all three elements of the recognized standard of care for this condition:

  • Precise heat. The EverTears® warm compress instantly provides moist heat at the precise temperature needed to clear blockage in the meibomian glands. Simply snap the compress and it heats on its own, opening pores and liquifying the waxy buildup that blocks the meibomian glands. No need to deal with microwaves or worrying about not heating your eye compress to the perfect temperature.
  • Precise control. EverTears® are specially designed to heat and clean the precise area of the eyelids where meibomian glands reside.
  • Precise cleaning. EverTears® sterile cloth pads are pre-moistened with a gentle solution featuring natural coconut extracts and hyaluronic acids (HA) that clean and moisturize as part of your daily eyelid hygiene.

Applying the EverTears® warm eyelid compress couldn’t be simpler—it takes just 5 minutes out of your day. Activate EverTears® with a simple snap, then apply to each eye for 2 minutes. After warming the eyelids, use the pad to gently clean directly along the base of your eyelashes with a few light strokes. It’s never been easier to heat and clean the eye using one convenient, affordable device. 

Get Effective Dry Eye Relief Today

ThermaMEDx’s EverTears® is a revolutionary warm compress for the eyes that treats MGD at its source—the clogged eyelid oil glands that cause symptoms of dry eyes. EverTears® is for everyone, even if you wear contact lenses or use cosmetics regularly. For around $1.50 and 5 minutes per day, you can enjoy sustainable relief from dry eye symptoms. Subscribe today to get free shipping, or purchase a box to try EverTears® now!