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Promising Clinical Results in Treatment of Dry Eye Disease Unveiled at the American Academy of Optometry Meeting

Atlanta, Georgia (October 21, 2022) — At the upcoming annual meeting of the American Academy of Optometry in San Diego, renowned Doctor of Optometry, Ron Melton will publicly share for the first time the results of a multi-site clinical study evaluating the effectiveness of a new product designed to treat dry eyes related to meibomian gland dysfunction.  The product, EverTears®, was designed by doctors at ThermaMEDx to provide the world’s first medical device that combines a self-heating eye compress with a pre-moistened cleaning pad for the treatment of dry eyes and styes. 

Dr. Melton will present the much-anticipated conclusions from “Benefit of Controlled Heat and Eyelid Cleaning in MGD: Real World Usage” to doctors, scientists, students and industry attendees of the AAO national event on Friday October 28th.  The full report will be available at the conclusion of the presentation and, based on one finding from the study released today, the findings promise to inform how doctors recommend treatment of dry eyes related to MGD. 

According to Ben Nobles, a co-founder of ThermaMEDx and former senior executive at eyecare giant Alcon, “The results of this most recent clinical study were outstanding across every measure and mirror the study conducted in 2021 by Dr. Kurt Steele.  Just as we have learned from doctors who have been recommending EverTears® to their patients over the past year, patients report significant improvement within only a week.  The fact that patients in the study reported a 45% reduction in dry eye symptoms after only seven days was both remarkable and gratifying.” 

The study was a collaborative effort between Dr. Melton and Dr. Patrick Miranda of Charlotte Eye Ear Nose and Throat in Charlotte, North Carolina and Drs. Max Raynor, Mary Massengill, and J. Ross Higgins with support from Mr. Daron Barefoot at Professional EyeCare Associates in Clinton, North Carolina.

EverTears® leverages technology developed and first applied for international patent in 2003 by ThermaMEDx co-founder Dr. Michel Guillon, to not only provide relief of dry eye symptoms, but also help restore the eyes’ natural tear film when used as directed. 

For more information, please visit thermamedx.com/insights-news 

About ThermaMEDx

ThermaMEDx was founded to bring Dr. Michel Guillon’s vision of harnessing thermal energy to provide an accessible, effective treatment for dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction. ThermaMEDx is a family-owned company led by our medical board of renowned doctors on a mission to advance patient outcomes by working to provide the best treatment for dry eyes caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) available for at-home use. 

[1] International Application No. PCT/GB2003/004782 filed November 5, 2003 (published as WO 2004/041134 A1)

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