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Celebrity Dry Eyes – Plain Talk from Jennifer Aniston and Marisa Tomei

In an old Friends episode, Jennifer Aniston’s character, Rachel Green, was afraid to go to the eye doctor. More truth than fiction, over a decade later, Aniston came out about her addiction to eye drops. Spotted in a public restroom hiding away from co-workers, Aniston secretly used artificial tears. At the time, she didn’t know she had an actual medical condition called “dry eyes,” but she did know her use of eye drops was excessive, and her symptoms infringed on her work.

The “My Cousin Vinny” and “The Wrestler” star, Marisa Tomei, admits she toted around eye drops until she finally went to the doctor. She explained her mild but incessant eye itchiness and dryness and received a dry eye diagnosis. Tomei supports increased awareness about dry eye because it is not an obvious condition. Also, she knows symptoms attributed to many causes like excessive screen time do exacerbate the problem. 

Aniston and Tomei tell similar stories. They relied on artificial tears to get through the day, reading scripts and wearing makeup. Aniston explained, “I thought it was just me, that my eyes were just sensitive or that I had allergies, and as the years went on and it got a bit worse, I just thought, oh, it’s my job—reading scrips it was starting to become painful. But then someone actually asked me in an interview, ‘Do you have anything you’re addicted to?’ and I said, ‘Eye drops’” (Source: Marie Claire).

Do You Have Dry Eyes?

If you can relate to Jennifer Aniston and Marisa Tomei, you likely have dry eye symptoms, too. Some medications have dry eyes as a side effect. If you take one, ask your doctor for an alternative less likely to cause dry eyes. Additional causes include hormones, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, and allergies. Also, wearing a mask all day for Covid-19 protection can make dry eyes worse. But by far, the most common cause is eyelid (meibomian gland) dysfunction.

Once you determine why you have dry eyes, it is easier to get relief. Change medications, treat any hormonal issues or your autoimmune disease and wait for allergy season to end. If your mask for Covid-19 protection might contribute to your dry eyes, check out our article on the topic at Covid-19 Masks Inflame Dry Eyes.

But there is more you can do to get relief from dry eyes!

EverTears® dry eye therapy combines a self-heating warm compress and soft, pre-moistened cleaning pad for “a spa treatment for your eyes!”

Doctor Created Breakthrough Treatment

A renowned doctor in London dedicated over 30 years to invent a treatment for chronic dry eyes called EverTears® that’s proven to work.  EverTears® eliminates the need for multiple products by combining a self-heating warm compress with a cleaning pad pre-moistened with a gentle cleaner to create one convenient therapy for dry eyes. Save time and money using just one treatment for around $1/day!

This quick and affordable dry eye treatment improves symptoms in about 5 minutes a day. Simply activate the heat, apply the warm compress, then gently clean each eyelid. Check out the short video that shows exactly how it works at www.TryEverTears.com.

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