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Comparing Different Eye Care Solutions for Dry Eyes

Anyone who has experienced the itchy scratchiness of dry eyes knows how incredibly uncomfortable it can be. The sensations associated with the condition can vary, but they are all unpleasant. Some people experience stinging, burning, or a gritty feeling. Others find they have excessive mucus around the eyes, or they develop a sensitivity to light. Regardless of the symptoms, dry eyes are unpleasant. That’s why there are so many solutions for dry eyes on the market.

What Causes Dry Eyes?

Before we talk about solutions for dry eyes, it is important to understand what the underlying causes are. The condition is not usually caused by a lack of tears or moisture in the eyes, but instead it is a problem with the eyelid glands that produce the protective oils for your eye. These oils coat your eyes to help keep your tears from evaporating and your eyes from drying out. When these glands are clogged, whether from wearing contact lenses, using cosmetics, constantly staring at a screen without blinking enough, or simply from getting older, there isn’t enough oil to retain the natural tear fluids that protect and lubricate your eyes. Without properly functioning oil glands, you end up suffering from dry eyes.

There are many different solutions for dry eyes, but few actually address the root issue: the clogged oil glands. Most people try a number of over-the-counter treatments and home dry eye remedies before they realize that they need a more effective solution.

Over-the-Counter Treatments

Over-the-counter dry eye drops, which are sometimes referred to as “artificial tears,” are one of the most common solutions for dry eyes. Unfortunately, these products only give temporary relief. Over-the-counter artificial tears are meant to replace the tear fluids that have evaporated from the eye, but they don’t unclog the oil glands. These products must be applied multiple times a day which can be inconvenient, especially if you’re driving or stuck in a meeting without your eye drops.

OTC ointments are also available that treat the symptoms of dry eyes. They can cause cloudy or blurry vision, so they are best used right before bed. Unlike some prescription ointments, these products generally treat the symptoms of dry eyes and not the underlying cause.

Home Remedy Solutions for Dry Eyes

There are a few home remedies that can provide temporary relief for dry eyes. Draping a warm, wet cloth over the eyes may relieve some of the itching and burning for a short period of time. The problem with this is that it’s tough to achieve the correct temperature for an effective treatment. Too hot? It’ll burn your eyelids. Not hot enough? It won’t melt the waxy buildup clogging your glands. And how are you going to heat it? Unless you’ve got a perfectly clean microwave, that’s not sanitary or sterile! Other home remedies include taking omega 3 and special vitamin supplements which have shown benefits when used consistently. Unfortunately these options can’t provide the immediate relief that many are seeking from solutions for dry eyes.

Solving the Problem at the Source

For over 85% of dry eye sufferers, the best approach to find more sustained relief from dry eyes is to treat the root of the problem, which are the clogged eyelid oil glands (also known as MGD). That’s why our research team at ThermaMEDx created EverTears®. This innovative product targets the clogged oil ducts in your eyelids and helps to restore more normal flow of protective oils, even if you wear contact lenses or use cosmetics regularly.

EverTears® is two treatments in one, combining a self-heating warm, sterile compress with a specially formulated eyelid cleaning solution. Simply activate the heat by bending one of the moist compresses and it instantly heats to the precise temperature needed. Apply the moist heated compress the eyelids for two to three minutes and then gently wipe your eyelids with the pre-moistened pad. Flip the pad over and repeat for the other eye. Finally, there is a solution for dry eyes that can help provide lasting relief! EverTears® is available with free shipping on subscription, but you don’t need a subscription or prescription to try it. You can try EverTears® now.

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