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Debunking Dry Eye Myths – Science Says You Do Have Enough Tears!

You are waking up with dry, irritated, crusty eyes, and it doesn’t get better throughout the day. As you reach for your “artificial tears” eye drops several times a day, you look into the future. You were never promised the drops would be a cure, but it would be nice to at least get some decent dry eye relief.

We talked with Dr. Michel Guillon, a world-renowned scientist in dry eyes and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) and inventor of a new dry eye treatment called EverTears®.  He provided some insight into the most recent scientific advances.

In a nutshell, Dr. Michel Guillon explains that back in the 1980s, prevailing science taught that Dry Eyes were the result of an “aqueous deficiency.” The belief was that the eyes were not producing enough tear fluid to provide adequate lubrication and protection for the eye surface. Thus, causing dry eye symptoms throughout the day and explaining why people were waking up with dry eyes.

As made perfect sense at the time, the optical industry responded by building a multi-billion-dollar industry around what sounded like a logical solution. These “artificial tears” offered patients drops to place in their eyes multiple times a day.  These products were never as a “cure,” but to provide temporary relief, so people were still waking up with dry eyes and suffering through the day. The hope was that patients could at least better manage their dry eye symptoms. And don’t underestimate the profits of selling an enormous amount of artificial tears, especially knowing people would need to use them for the rest of their lives.

New Research – 85% of Dry Eye is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) NOT a Lack of Tears!

In the past decade, scientific research has determined that over 85% of Dry Eye cases are a function of Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) and not a lack of tears. This new information certainly explains why many dry eye patients find only temporary relief from eye drops.

Some in the optical industry have responded to provide different treatments, but they tend to be expensive or inconvenient…or both.

  • Specialized equipment in doctors’ offices, such as Johnson and Johnson’s LipiFlow®, offer treatments that could help many sufferers for six months or so. Unfortunately, these treatments for mgd are not covered by insurance and regularly cost about $700 per eye!  
  • Prescription drugs like Restasis typically take three to six months to show any significant benefit and can cost up to $300 every month.
  • Home use treatments like “Bruder® Eye Masks” require patients to put a mask in the microwave and then wear the Bruder Eye Mask over their closed eyes for a lengthy period of time.  They feel great on the eyes, but many people just don’t have the time to sit with a mask over their eyes, and the masks are not sterile so regular washing is required.

Dr. Guillon expresses his frustration. “But the vast majority of optical professionals still tell Dry Eye patients to use artificial tears.  Most doctors don’t have the expensive Lipiflow machines, and their experience has been that “patient compliance” is low for using masks and warm compresses. Patients just don’t see enough benefit soon enough to stick with them.

Finally, A Fast, Effective, Affordable Treatment for Dry Eyes

Dr. Guillon goes on to explain. “That’s why I co-founded EverTears®. The EverTears® product addresses this gap in care. So many patients still suffer from dry eyes as they depend on the science of decades past or assume the only effective treatment is expensive and offered in-office. We are thrilled to offer an affordable, convenient, effective treatment for dry eyes that brings relief quickly!

With the combination of a warm compress for dry eyes and a cleaning pad as a single therapy, EverTears® eliminates the need for multiple products. Save time and money using just one treatment for around $1/day!

This easy, quick, and affordable dry eye treatment improves dry eye symptoms in about 5 minutes a day. Activate the heat, apply the warm compress for dry eyes, then gently clean your eyelids.  Check out this video that explains exactly how it works at www.TryEverTears.com.

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