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How Do You Unclog Your Meibomian Glands at Home?

Most of us associate tears with intense emotion. The truth is that they play a vital role in keeping the eye healthy. Tears have three components: mucus, water and oil. When eyes become dry, the problem must be that the eyes are not producing enough tear fluid, right? It turns out that it’s actually the oil that’s in short supply for most instances of eye dryness. Our eyes produce a tear film to coat and protect the cornea. A protective coating of oil sits on top of the water layer, and underneath the water is the mucus. When there is not enough oil to sit atop the layer of water, the water will evaporate away. This chain of events is often caused by blockages in the meibomian glands that secrete the protective oil.

The problem with eye drops

Traditional dry eye treatments have sought to lubricate the eye by using eye drops for “artificial tears.” But because the problem is not a lack of tear production, this modality of treatment has provided little benefit for chronic dry eyes caused by MGD. Most people with MGD find the effect of drops and “artificial tears” to be short lived and ineffective. What if there were meibomian gland dysfunction treatments that worked well and actually helped retain the eyes’ natural tear film instead of constantly needing “artificial tears”?

One innovative at-home treatment, EverTears® by ThermaMEDx, goes beyond providing temporary relief of dry eyes by treating the real underlying problem. EverTears® offers meibomian gland dysfunction treatments that actually help to address the root cause of 86% of all dry eye disease cases, instead of merely trying to add moisture through artificial tears. The product consists of small, oval shaped pads that fit perfectly over the eyelids to deliver a sterile combination of heat and moisture. The pads are pre-moistened with a gentle moisturizing cleaning solution and instantly self-heat to create the perfect moist heat compress for dry eye relief. The idea is that the heat and moisture will help to unblock the meibomian glands so they can secrete sufficient oils, which will protect the tear film so the eyes will not be as dry. In addition to treating the root cause of Dry Eye Syndrome, the presence of heat will also help to improve blood flow and relax the tiny muscles around the glands. When this happens, the result can be more robust secretion of oil. Because the pads are self-heating, pre-moistened and individually wrapped, they are an incredibly convenient dry eye remedy that can be easily used in just 5 minutes a day as part of your daily routine.

A natural therapy

The most effective therapy for dry eye syndrome is one that provides actual meibomian gland dysfunction treatments – that is to say, the treatments focus on the glands instead of the eye. Heat is an effective remedy for the glands, because it assists with vasodilation. Now is the time to stop using the inferior drop treatments that are inconvenient and not very effective. Millions of people have been forced to accept dry eye symptoms as part of life, but this no longer has to be the case. Do yourself a favor and try the new instant moist heat compress for dry eyes and MGD. EverTears® is available with or without a subscription, and no prescription is needed. You can buy EverTears now.

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