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How Long Does Chronic Dry Eye Last?

What is Chronic Dry Eye Disease?

The early signs of Dry Eye Disease vary by individual but usually include one or more symptoms like dry, itchy eyes, watery eyes (especially when reading or using digital devices), gritty sensations or burning pain in the eyes as well as intermittent blurry vision. Chronic dry eyes tend to last months or even years and typically get worse without proper Chronic Dry Eye treatment. Based on these recurring, often worsening symptoms, Chronic Dry Eye Disease has a profound negative impact on your life and everyday activities. 

Chronic Dry Eye Disease can commonly go by other names, like dry eye syndrome, or even by its underlying cause: Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, or MGD. While the different names might be a bit confusing, Dry Eye Disease and Dry Eye Syndrome are ultimately broad names for the specific symptoms involved, while MGD is the most common underlying cause. 

What Causes Chronic Dry Eye Disease?

In the past, scientists and doctors believed that dry eyes were caused by an inability of patients’ eyes to produce enough tears to keep the eyes hydrated. Recently those theories were proven largely incorrect as doctors now know that over 85% of all dry eye cases are caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). Meibomian Glands are found inside our eyelids. These glands produce a thick oil called “meibum” that serves an essential function in protecting the tear film layer. Every time we blink, our meibomian glands distribute a precise amount of oil as a coating on top of the tear film covering our eyeballs. When these glands become clogged from makeup or solidified oils, they simply can’t deliver enough oil to properly coat our tear film, so the moisture evaporates quickly. Unprotected, the eyes lose the critical moisture that they need to function properly as the symptoms of dry eye disease begin to take hold.

Chronic Dry Eye Treatment

The good news is that while Chronic Dry Eye Disease can be a permanent condition you don’t have to just live with it or waste money on “artificial tears” or eye drops that only provide temporary relief. With the proper treatment, you can actually address the MGD that is the root cause of most dry eye cases. With regular use, EverTears® can help your eyes naturally retain more of your tear fluids.

EverTears® by ThermaMedx is a chronic dry eye treatment that not only acts to address MGD, but also supports the prevention of dry eye related to MGD when used as part of a daily routine. EverTears® is the only clinically proven self-heating, pre-moistened disposable medical device for the treatment of chronic dry eyes. By delivering both precise heat and gentle cleaning formula, EverTears® can help to free up blockages in the meibomian glands while also providing instant soothing relief for dry eyes. Because each pre-moistened pad is individually wrapped, EverTears® is also the only version of a warm compress that is convenient for use anywhere, at home, at work, or on the go.

So how does EverTears® work? Once the heat activates, the moist pad is applied to one eye at a time. The precise level of heat delivered by EverTears® works to melt solidified oil in the meibomian glands to return it to its intended liquid state. Once free-flowing, the oil travels to the tear film layer every time you blink. So when used as directed, EverTears® can help your eyes regain more of their natural ability to retain moisture. While this occurs, the cleaning and moisturizing formula with hyaluronic acid (HA) and coconut oil extracts cleans the oil ducts in your eyelids while it hydrates your eyes and the surrounding skin to provide direct and peripheral support.  

Chronic Dry Eyes Last As Long As You Let Them

For more than 86% of people suffering from chronic dry eyes, EverTears® is a clinically proven treatment option. When left untreated, chronic dry eyes can create a lifetime of uncomfortable symptoms that can prevent you from enjoying things you love like reading, watching television or even driving safely. As part of a daily hygiene regimen, EverTears® lets you say goodbye to dry eyes with a chronic dry eye treatment that really works.

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