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In-Office Heat Therapy Proven to Help Dry Eye Patients… EverTears® Delivers Heat Therapy For Home Use at a Fraction of the Cost

Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of in-office procedures performed with equipment from Johnson & Johnson (LipiFlow®), Alcon (iLux®) at addressing the root cause of Dry Eye Disease related to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). The science is clear that controlled heat between 104°-108.5°F (40°-42.5°C) is effective in melting solidified meibum in the meibomian glands within only a few minutes. Melting the meibum and unblocking the meibomian glands in the eyelids restores the flow of protective oils that help reduce the evaporation of vital tear fluids. Blocked glands leads to reduced oil flow. Reduced oil flow leads to excessive tear film evaporation and, you guessed it, Dry Eyes.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of ophthalmologists and optometrists in the US do not have access to these treatments, due in part to costs. The equipment alone can cost up to $29,000, which doesn’t cover the required disposable applicators that can cost an extra $300 per patient.  Even if someone suffering from Dry Eye Disease related to MGD can locate an eye care professional that performs these procedures, the treatment may be prohibitively expensive.  Recently published industry data revealed that these in-office treatments can cost between $700-$1000 and may need to be performed every six months.  For patients who need two treatments per year, the costs could eat up a significant chunk of their annual income – – $2,000 equates to 6% of the income of the average person in America.  To make matters worse, most insurance policies do not cover these procedures.

For those who can afford in-office treatments, there is little doubt that significant improvement in MGD related Dry Eye Disease. Many doctors performing these procedures recommend sustaining the benefits of in-office treatment with at-home heat therapy. Finally, Americans who want sustained relief but would prefer a more affordable and convenient at-home solution have an effective dry eye treatment option. An innovative new therapy called EverTears® offers great promise.  In a recent interview, renowned Ophthalmology pioneer Dr. Marguerite McDonald, the first doctor to perform an excimer laser (LASIK) procedure, turned heads across the optical industry by naming EverTears® a “game-changer” – – “While there are several unique aspects about EverTears®, the real game-changer in helping to improve the lives of patients with Dry Eyes and Meibomian Gland Disorder (MGD) is convenience,”

EverTears® is the world’s first self-heating, pre-moistened eyelid cleaning pad.  Utilizing patented ThermaMEDx technology, EverTears® heats within 20 seconds to the temperature range utilized by in-office equipment. Patients only need to use one pad to heat and clean the eyelids on both eyes for 2-3 minutes each.  Many people describe the treatment as soothing, “like a spa treatment” and with regular use, the moist heat and eyelid hygiene works to unclog meibomian glands to restore the flow oils that help retain more of the eyes’ natural tears.  During Dry Eye Awareness Month (July 2021) EverTears® will finally be available in the US at leading Eye Care practices or at ThermaMEDx.com.

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