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Pros and Cons of Available Treatments for MGD and Dry Eyes

When your eyes are dry, itchy or tired, you want dry eye relief fast. For many, that means reaching for eye drops or artificial tears marketed as effective dry eye relief. This approach, however, doesn’t address the most common cause of dry eyes: a condition called meibomian gland disorder, or “MGD.” In fact, there are many issues that stem from treatments for MGD that rely solely on eyedrops.

Today, we’re sharing the pros and cons of treatments for MGD, namely the artificial tears approach versus the revolutionary method our doctors developed and patented at ThermaMEDx. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of available treatments and which treatment will get you the relief you need.

An Introduction to MGD

Before we talk about treatments, let’s talk about the condition causing dry eyes in most cases: MGD. Meibomian gland dysfunction is one of the more common eye conditions out there, however most people don’t realize they have the condition. They simply think their eyes are chronically dry and that they must simply “deal with it.”

MGD is essentially an issue with the production of an oil called “meibum.” This oil coats the eye to help tears and moisture stay on the eyes for longer. Without it, moisture evaporates more quickly, and our eyes dry out faster. If you regularly wear contacts, you are more likely to get MGD. Since women are twice as likely to wear contact lenses as men, women are also more likely to suffer from MGD. Similarly, women are more likely to get MGD due to hormonal changes and because cosmetics can cause blockages in the meibomian glands.

MGD refers to any issue related to the production and secretion of meibum.

The Cons of Most MGD Treatments

Unfortunately, most people who suffer from MGD don’t use effective treatments for MGD. They instead use artificial tears for temporary relief. The problem is that while over-the-counter artificial tears and drops can provide temporary relief of dry eye symptoms, most do little or nothing to address the root issue.

If your dry eyes are caused by blocked glands, most OTC artificial tears will only moisten your eyes. They will not help unclog these glands and help your eyes restore the layer of meibum they need to stay moist. To truly treat MGD, you need a treatment that can moisten your eyes in the short-term and work to unclog those glands for long term relief.

Doctors often recommend a heated, moist compress in order to unclog the meibomian glands. When done correctly it can work well, but most patients don’t follow the treatment plan because it’s inconvenient and sometimes even unsafe. Usually the moist compress needs to be microwaved in order to be heated, which means your compress is getting exposed to all of the spilled food, built up grime and harsh cleaners in your microwave, and reusable compresses aren’t sterile. Also, since some microwaves are hotter than others, if you get the compress too hot it can burn your eyelids. Not to mention that this approach forces you to go to your kitchen for your eyecare routine, which can be inconvenient if your kitchen is downstairs, across the house or in use. If you don’t follow the routine, the treatment can’t work.

The Pros of ThermaMEDx’s Dry Eye MGD Treatments

ThermaMEDx improved upon existing treatments for MGD by developing a convenient and effective product called EverTears® that removes the barriers to consistent usage. Our doctors created pre-moistened compresses that self-heat to the temperature needed to help unclog the meibomian glands in a safe and effective manner, all while giving your dry eyes the fast relief they crave. Just bend the compress in half and it begins to heat up all by itself to exactly the right temperature for up to 8 minutes.

EverTears® treatment works by using the precise amount of heat to melt away the waxy buildup that can clog your meibomian glands. This addresses the root cause of the problem and helps restore your eyes natural protectionthey need to stay moist. By using this approach, you aren’t simply treating a symptom, you are getting to the heart of the issue and giving your body the opportunity to do the job it was intended to do.

Your Choice for Treatments for MGD

ThermaMEDx was founded because the usual treatments for MGD related Dry Eye simply do not address the root cause of most dry eyes: the clogging of the meibomian glands. Our revolutionary treatment is used by people around the world and could be the solution you need for your dry eyes. EverTears® is available with free shipping on subscription, but you don’t need a subscription or a prescription to try it. You can buy EverTears® now.

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