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Take The Hassle Out Of A Dry Eye Regimen

“I’ve noticed in my own practice that compliance has gone up when patients use this product (EverTears®)…When patients come back they say ‘This is so much easier and faster for me'”

Dr. Marguerite McDonald
Ophthalmology Management
February 2022

Doctors continue to report success in using EverTears® to treat Dry Eye Disease. Dr. Marguerite McDonald and Dr. William Trattler are widely recognized as leaders in ophthalmology, both as practicing surgeons and clinical researchers working to improve eyecare treatments. Both have published a wealth of clinical research papers and Dr. McDonald has also been recognized as the first surgeon in the world to have performed laser eye surgery in 1987.

In an recent “Spotlight on Technology and Technique” article published by Ophthalmology Management journal, Drs. McDonald and Trattler shared insight on the cause of most dry eye disease, meibomian gland disorder or MGD, as well as why most at-home dry eye treatments fail. According to Dr. McDonald, most of the patients with chronic dry eyes in her Long Island, NY practice know that they need to use moist heat compresses and eyelid hygiene scrubs, but fail to comply with her instructions because it doesn’t fit into their busy lifestyles. Quite simply, she cites that this “non-compliance” is the single biggest problem facing eye care professionals when treating patients with dry eye disease.

Although Dr. Trattler’s practice is 1200 miles away in Miami, he echoes Dr. McDonald’s concerns about the lack of effective, convenient treatment for dry eyes that patients can use at home. Both doctors are now convinced that there is a solution to the problem of patient non-compliance…an innovative new product called EverTears®. According to Dr. Trattler EverTears® is “a combination heating device and lid scrub” and as such provides the two dry eye therapies most recommended by top eye specialists. Like Dr. McDonald, he cites convenience as the reason more of patients were seeing improvement in their chronic dry eyes because, “it’s a nice, easy device to use because it’s so simple. It’s easy, it’s cost effective and it’s a nice addition to our armamentarium.”

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