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What Happens if You Don’t Treat Dry Eye Syndrome?

Millions of Americans every year deal with dry eyes, and almost half of Americans have what is known as dry eye syndrome (DES). DES is more common in those over 40, and is characterized by a dry, itchy, or gritty feeling in the eyes that creates discomfort for most people, but without proper treatment could cause serious eye infections or permanent damage. Not treating DES can be dangerous, and while most people use over the counter eye drops that offer some relief, the latest treatment for dry eye syndrome, EverTears® by ThermaMEDx, is far more effective. In this blog post, we’ll share what can happen with untreated or improperly treated DES, and what you can do to treat dry eye syndrome properly.

How to Detect DES

A big issue with trying to determine if you have chronic DES is the fact that many people across the nation also suffer from seasonal allergies, or allergies from pets in their home, and mistake their itchy or dry eyes for allergies. As well, winter weather can lead to increasingly dry eyes, due to low humidity levels. Light sensitivity and tired eyes can also be signs of dry eye syndrome. These conditions may result in people temporarily using eye drops or other medications for part of the year but ignoring the signs at other times.

The vast majority of dry eye syndrome cases are caused by excessive eye moisture evaporation due to a lack of oil production from the meibomian glands. Natural tears moisturize and lubricate the surface of the eye so that it doesn’t get damaged by blinking, dust, and other particulates throughout the day, but without the protective oil, natural tears evaporate quickly.

If you have any signs of chronic DES and you need safe, convenient, and effective relief, try the latest treatment for dry eye syndrome, EverTears®, to help protect your eye health.

Some Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

There are many different causes for dry eye syndrome such as:

Sensitivity to the environment: This can cover anything from allergies, dry air, windy climate, and air pollution.

Wearing contacts: Contacts are constantly in contact with your eyes and can prevent your tears from properly lubricating the surface of the eye, which causes dry eyes. Also, when you handle your contact lenses, your fingers can introduce debris and contaminants that clog the glands in your eyelids.

Makeup: Whether powder, eyeliner, serums, mascara, or other types of makeup, these materials can easily clog your meibomian glands.

Demodex Mites: These little mites live in almost everybody’s eyelash follicles, but they are generally harmless until they get out of control, then they can cause dry, crusty and tired eyes.

Lack of Blinking: Blinking is the best way for your body to keep your eyes lubricated, so if you don’t blink enough, it can cause DES. Lack of blinking is common amongst those that watch TV a lot, work with computers or find themselves constantly staring at their smartphones or tablets.

What Happens with DES when Untreated?

By not using the latest treatment for dry eye syndrome you can leave yourself susceptible to many eye issues. Without proper eye lubrication, the protective layer of your eye, the cornea, can be scratched or damaged. Scratched corneas can increase the likelihood of infection, which can permanently damage your eyes over time. Scarred cornea from lack of lubrication can also impair vision and require surgery to fix. Furthermore, when your meibomian glands are blocked and can’t produce oil, the problem gets worse over time because the glands will atrophy or wither away, which can be permanent when left untreated.

The Latest Treatment for Dry Eye Syndrome

If you are looking for the latest treatment for dry eye syndrome, try EverTears®. EverTears® is a sterile, moist warm compress that works by instantly providing the precise heat needed to melt and unclog the waxy oil buildup that blocks your meibomian glands. The compresses are self-heating and pre-moistened with a sterile cleansing solution and take under 5 minutes a day to apply to your eyes. An easy-to-use and convenient dry eye remedy, EverTears® can help you say goodbye to your DES. EverTears® is available with free shipping on subscription or without a subscription, and no prescription is needed. You can buy EverTears® now.

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