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WVA and ThermaMEDx Ink Partnership to Support Eye Care Professionals’ Fight Against Dry Eyes

“WVA prides itself on bringing our customers greater value & innovative products… We are excited to be the first in the industry to bring a breakthrough therapy like EverTears® to
market across the US”
Christopher Fait, WVA Chief
Executive Officer

WVA and ThermaMEDx Ink Partnership to Support Eye Care Professionals’ Fight Against Dry Eyes

New EverTears® Recognized as a “Game Changer” Therapy for Dry Eyes and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, June 29, 2021
/EINPresswire.com/ — Medical device innovator ThermaMEDx, LLC today announced a sales and distribution partnership with WVA, one of the largest distributors of contact lenses in
the U.S. Although terms of the agreement remain confidential, the move establishes WVA as the exclusive provider of global logistics and fulfillment services for all ThermaMEDx
direct sales to US Eye Care Professionals. In addition, WVA gains preferred access to market, sell and distribute EverTears®, the world’s first self-heating, pre-moistened eyelid
cleaning pad designed for patients suffering from dry eyes.

EverTears® Hailed as “Game Changer” For Dry Eyes

EverTears® received tremendous response from Eye Care Professionals at recent industry events in advance of its national launch this summer. Top ophthalmic surgeon, Dr. Marguerite
, hailed EverTears® as a “game changer” for the eye care industry. As the first person
to have performed excimer laser surgery (Lasik) in 1987, Dr. McDonald is regarded as one of the top innovation experts in the optical field. When asked about her enthusiasm for the launch of EverTears® Dr. McDonald explained, “While there are several unique aspects about EverTears®, the real #1 game-changer in helping to improve the lives of patients with Dry Eyes and Meibomian Gland Disorder (MGD) is convenience. Of course, there are other benefits we doctors like: it’s sterile, it delivers the precise temperature level and duration needed (to melt the solidified meibum in the eyelids), it comes pre-moistened with a preservative free cleaning
New EverTears® Launches in July Across the US solution…but at the end of the day, the
reason EverTears® will make a difference for our patients is the convenience factor.”

The move by WVA represents another win in their strategic plan to better support the needs of their customers seeking solutions to address the sharp increase in Dry Eye/MGD cases. “Our
team at WVA prides itself on bringing our customers greater value and innovative products to help them grow their business by better serving the needs of their patients. We are excited
to be the first in the industry to bring a breakthrough therapy like EverTears® to market across the US,” said Christopher Fait, CEO of WVA.

In addition to securing the role of exclusive 3PS provider for ThermaMEDx, WVA will also serve as the vanguard for EverTears® among WVA’s rapidly growing customer base through integrated sales and marketing programs. “Our sales and marketing team is proud to be part of launching an innovation like EverTears® and we look forward to sharing with our customers how the product can support improved patient and practice health,” said Chad Moder, Vice President of Sales for WVA.

WVA’s decision to commit the resources needed to effectively execute the launch has been noted by opinion leaders within the industry who recognize the fast-growing company’s strategy to demonstrate leadership in the burgeoning Dry Eye/MGD category. “At ThermaMEDx, our True North is simple – – improve the lives of the 300+ million people suffering from dry eyes through disruptive technology that is affordable and convenient to use. As the scrappy newcomers in a massive industry, we recognized the need for a partner that possessed not only the experience and scale to bring EverTears® to market, but also a true passion for innovation. We are fortunate to be able to rely on WVA’s industry insight and outstanding reputation for customer service as we launch in the US,” said Carl Sweat, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at ThermaMEDx.

Created and Recommended By Doctors

EverTears® was created by doctors and the ThermaMEDx team consulted over 200 eye care professionals to ensure both the product and the commercial model met the needs of the optical community and their dry eye patients. The product received a tremendous vote of confidence when Drs. Melton and Thomas featured EverTears® as a recommendation in their 25th Annual Edition of Clinical Perspectives on Patient Care. “Product interest and
demand is very strong right now from doctors around the world as we introduce EverTears®
across the U.S. this summer”, said Ben Nobles, ThermaMEDx Co-Founder & Managing
Partner. In preparation to begin shipments during Dry Eye Awareness Month in July, ThermaMEDx is accepting pre-orders at ThermaMEDx.com for eye care professionals who would like to be first in the U.S. to offer EverTears® to their patients.

ThermaMEDx, LLC was founded in Atlanta, Georgia by renowned French scientist Dr. Michel
Guillon; former Alcon executive Ben Nobles; and former Coca-Cola executive, Carl Sweat. Shortly thereafter, second-generation Optometrist Dr. Gregg Ossip joined the partnership to provide additional medical expertise and a deep understanding of the needs of eye care professionals in the U.S.

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