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Dry Eye Treatments at Home and EverTears®

Over 300 Million people suffer from dry eyes, whether they are working in an office setting in front of a screen every day, have issues with contact lenses, or are experiencing a hormonal life change like pregnancy or menopause. Dry eye treatments at home have vastly expanded in recent years, and one of the best options on the market today is a product available from ThermaMEDx called EverTears®.

While many turn to eye drops, heated moist compresses can be more effective overall. The challenge is that standard heated eye compresses often have too many steps to be convenient and do nothing to clean the eyelids; whereas EverTears® can easily be used from the nightstand, on a plane, at the office – anywhere you need dry eye relief! With EverTears®, you also don’t have to hassle with using a microwave or worry about heating the compress to an unsafe temperature because EverTears® is the only compress to instantly provide the precise temperature doctors recommend and a pre-moistened cleaning pad all in one product.

Causes of Dry Eyes

There are numerous causes of dry eye syndrome, and while age or gender can be a contributing factor, it can happen to anybody. By far the most common cause of dry eyes is due to Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) which is reported to cause 86% of all dry eye cases. You see, the eyes are naturally self-lubricating, with glands that provide three layers of protection in the form of tears: a mucus later close to the cornea, a watery layer, then a fatty oil layer on top to lubricate and protect the eyelids. If any layer of the natural tears is malfunctioning, it can cause dry eye symptoms.

When to Use EverTears®

EverTears® was invented by a doctor specifically to combat Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). The fatty oil (called meibum) protects the water layer from evaporating, and EverTears® helps remove blockages of the gland to restore the meibum to the eyes and tears.

EverTears® is endorsed in the article “What’s the Latest for Dry Eyes?” by Pam Theriot, OD, FAAO for Independent Strong: “EverTears® is a sterile eyelid-cleaning pad with a thermal component that stays at over 108 degrees for more than six minutes. The pads work to unblock eyelid glands, restore oil flow, and retain the natural tear layer. The moist heat melts buildup and opens pores.”

Doctor Tested and Trusted

EverTears® is trusted by doctors across the nation as one of the most effective dry eye treatments at home.

Dr. Marguerite McDonald, MD, FACS, was the first doctor in the world to perform laser surgery and recommends EverTears® to all her patients. In a recent article in Ophthalmology Management titled “Take the Hassle Out of a Dry Eye Regimen,” Dr. McDonald states “EverTears® and other dry eye treatments such as drops and intense pulsed light represent a ‘perfect marriage.’ We love to do the in-office procedures, which are highly effective, and have [patients] use EverTears® at home for maintenance in between treatments.”

Dr. Kurt T. Steele noted in the article “MGD: How Focusing on the Lids Can Improve Both Patient & Practice Outcomes” published his findings that, “In my 26 years in practice, this is the single biggest breakthrough I have seen in the dry eye space that all clinicians can access for their patients.” Dr. Steele went on to say that patient compliance (how well patients stick with their treatment after leaving the office) with dry eye treatments at home improves markedly with EverTears®. “My patients found it convenient to use EverTears® for two minutes per eye and easy to incorporate this therapy into their busy lifestyle. I tell patients to put the individually wrapped EverTears® on a nightstand and use it in the shower or wherever it is most convenient so that they remember to use it every day…The best part is that there are no more non-compliance excuses. We now have an OTC product that is convenient. Unlike artificial tears, EverTears® brings a treatment solution to the root cause of most dry eye cases…MGD.”

Dry Eye Treatments at Home

If you are a sufferer of MGD and find eye drops or other heated eye compresses inconvenient to use, then you should consider the use of EverTears® by ThermaMEDx for your dry eye treatments at home.

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