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What is the Best Dry Eye Remedy For MGD?

What Causes Dry Eye?

Meibomian (oil) glands help keep your eyes moist. These thin glands line your eyelids and release protective oils from tiny openings at the “margin” (the edges of our eyelids that touch when we close our eyes). Every time we blink, the Meibomian glands secrete enough oil to coat the surface of our eyes. The oil and water from the gland mixed together create a tear film that works to reduce evaporation and keep water/moisture in. Retaining more of your eyes’ natural fluids can dramatically reduce the symptoms of dry eyes.

Our eyes are healthiest when the tear film is lubricated. When there is an imbalance of oil or water in the tear film we can get dry eyes, and this can lead to blurry vision and other issues.

What is Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD)?

Our eyes depend on the oil that the Meibomian gland secrets. When the glands do not produce enough quality oil to retain enough tear fluid, doctors call the condition Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). MGD also occurs when the glands become partially clogged, creating a crusty or goopy feeling, or when the oil cannot get through the gland openings. This can leave your eyes feeling dry and irritated.

During the initial stages of MGD, many people do not even notice there is an issue other than dry eye. However, if left untreated, MGD can can manifest into an uncomfortable eye irritation, blurry vision or even permanent changes in the eye.

What Are Some Common MGD Symptoms?

● Dry itchy eyes

● Burning eyes

● Crusty eyes

● Watery eyes

● Blurry eyes

● Sensitivity to light

What Is the Best Dry Eye Remedy?

The best dry eye remedy for MGD is precise heat and a cleaning solution that includes gentle ingredients like the coconut oil extracts and hyaluronic acid (HA) found in EverTears®. This self-heating pad is individually wrapped, so you can use it at home, at work, hiking, on an airplane or anywhere you need immediate and lasting dry eye relief.

EverTears® is unlike other heating pads that are not convenient and can only be used in places with a microwave to heat the compress. EverTears® comes in a sanitary pack, and is self-heated by bending the pad in the middle until it clicks and then starts to heat. This pad provides moist heat directly to the eyelids at the precise temperature needed to help melt the solidified oil clogging glands. It allows precise cleaning with a gentle solution and control to get the Meibomian glands flowing again.

Dry, irritated eyes are more than just a minor annoyance – this can be a potential sign of MGD. The best dry eye remedy for MGD is EverTears®. Find more information about healthy eyes and how ThermaMEDx offers the best dry eye remedy with EverTears® today.

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