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What is the Relationship Between Dry Eyes and Makeup?

If your eyes consistently hurt, burn, or get watery, then it is only natural to want to look at what might be causing these symptoms, or making them worse. For women, it is also natural to wonder how makeup fits into the situation. Dry eye is a common problem for millions of Americans and makeup can make the symptoms worse, making the need for treatments for dry eyes even greater. 

What is Dry Eye

Most people have been convinced by years of ads touting “artificial tears” that dry eye symptoms are caused by a lack of adequate tear production. Despite the millions spent on ads by “Big Optical” companies, science now knows that 86% of all dry eye cases are caused by blocked glands in our eyelids, a condition called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD for short. The good news for most people is that their eyes do produce enough tear moisture, the problem is that MGD makes it hard to retain our natural tear moisture. The eyes can feel dry and scratchy because the tears evaporate too quickly. Tears need the right ratio of oil to water to mucus for them to stay moist. The Meibomian eyelid glands produce natural oils that form a coating over the tear film on the eyeball to prevent evaporation. When these glands are clogged, they can’t do their job. If left untreated, MGD can lead to chronic dry eye problems. There may be other causes of dry eye, but in every case treatments for dry eyes are recommended. 

How Does Wearing Makeup Affect Dry Eye?

Wearing makeup can make dry eye symptoms worse. There is a relationship because any makeup, no matter the quality, may come into contact with the tear film, mix with it, and upset the oil, water, and mucus ratio, causing natural tears to evaporate more quickly. The Meibomian glands are small and eyeliner and other eye makeup can clog the glands. That does not mean that people seeking treatments for dry eyes cannot wear eye makeup, it just means that it is important to be aware of the relationship between dry eye syndrome and makeup so you can take proper precautions if you are experiencing the symptoms of dry eye. By incorporating EverTears® into your daily routine, our proprietary cleaning formula with natural coconut oil extracts and hyaluronic acid helps remove makeup and unclog your Meibomian glands so you can relieve and even prevent the symptoms of dry eye.

Apply and Remove Makeup with Care

When applying makeup, it’s best to put it on the outside of your eyelashes, and avoid contact with the base of the eyelids where the tear gland secretes the protective oils every time you blink. Don’t share makeup, keep all applicators separate and change them often. It’s best to clean your makeup brushes and tools regularly to remove bacteria and prevent contamination. If you do wear eye makeup throughout the day, make sure to remove it every night before going to sleep. Sleeping with eye makeup is likely to result in clogged oil glands. Using precise heat and cleaning solution on the eyelids is particularly effective in unclogging glands and restoring the flow of protective oils.

What Are Other Treatments for Dry Eyes

When you’re suffering from dry eye symptoms, it can often seem like a never-ending cycle, requiring constant reliance on “artificial tears” for temporary relief. Dry eye syndrome may need greater attention since the symptoms persist over longer periods of time. The specially designed warm compresses from ThermaMEDx will both clean and relax tired eye glands and are the best treatments for dry eyes. Those diagnosed with Meibomian Gland Dysfunction will need to take greater care of their eyes and give more attention to keeping them clean as adding eyeliner and other eye cosmetics can change the mucus, oil, and water balance that makes tears evaporate more quickly. 

Makeup and dry eye syndrome are connected. Makeup doesn’t always cause MGD, but can be a factor in clogging the Meibomian glands and makes a regular eyelid hygiene regimen consisting of precise heat and specially formulated cleaning solution even more important. To help, be aware of things that can make the problem worse, and practice proper eyelid hygiene every day. You can care for your eyes and help relieve symptoms with EverTears® a specifically designed moist compress and cleaning pad combination that can gently remove makeup and unclog your glands to relieve your dry eye symptoms.

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