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What Are Effective Treatments for MGD Patients with Dry Eye

Chronic dry eye is a common, irritating condition. Many people don’t really know what dry eye syndrome is, realize they have it, or know what the treatments are for it. There are different causes, symptoms and severities. It is best to know how symptoms add up, what MGD is, and the most effective dry eye treatments before considering more drastic measures.

What is Chronic Dry Eye, and What is MGD?

Most of the time, dry eye symptoms are caused by a condition called Meibomian Gland Dysfunction. Meibum is an oil that is produced naturally by glands in the eyelids. Meibum, water and mucus form the three fluid layers of tears, and the distinct layers are critical. When changes occur to any one of the tear components, you can develop issues with the eye. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction specifically refers to an issue with the oil producing Meibomian glands in the eyelids. When the cause of dry eyes related to MGD is misunderstood, or mistaken for other forms of dry eye problems, people often find their own treatments for MGD and dry eyes, with a tendency for overuse.

How Do You Know If You Have MGD?

The best way to properly diagnose the cause of your dry eyes is to consult a local eye doctor who specializes in treating the condition. They can explain in detail how meibomian glands keep the eyes lubricated by spreading a layer of oil across the surface of the eye every time you blink. The symptoms of dryness include burning sensations, grittiness, the feeling that your vision is changing and/or getting blurry at night or while using digital devices, and a sense that there may be something in the eye. Additional symptoms that can accompany MGD include redness, “crusty” or “goopy” eyelids in the morning, as well as watery eyes, styes and light sensitivity. If you have to rely on using “artificial tears” or eye drops several times a day, that can be a clear indication you may need treatments for MGD and dry eyes.

What Are effective Treatments for Dry Eyes Caused By MGD?

When you are looking for effective treatments, it is best to know where to find the right doctors to help and to know the most about the needs of the dysfunction itself. Research shows that a precise level of heat applied directly to the eyelids (where Meibomian glands are located) is very helpful. Treatments for MGD can include the new instant heating EverTears® pad, which works well to relieve symptoms of dry eye disease caused by MGD. EverTears® was developed by doctors and tested on patients with dry eyes. Positive feedback, relief from dry eye symptoms, and improvements in tear film evaporation have led many to swear by EverTears®.

What Is EverTears®?

EverTears® is the world’s first eye compress that essentially combines two products – moist heat compress and eyelid cleaning wipe – into one FDA registered product for at-home use. By simply bending the EverTears® pre-moistened cloth pads, the precise level of heat is activated instantly so there is no need for hassling with a microwave like most dry eye compress products require. Each EverTears® compress + cleaning pad comes individually wrapped for use at home or wherever dry eye relief is needed. Beyond the simple cleaning provided by traditional eyelid wipes, EverTears® heated moist cloth pads provide enhanced cleaning while also moisturizing the eyelids with a gentle formula featuring natural coconut extracts and hyaluronic acids (HA). In fact, many women have provided feedback that EverTears® is especially convenient because they use the pads as part of their eye makeup application and removal routine.

You should see an eye care professional immediately if you feel you may have MGD so that your doctor can conduct an eye exam and test the tear film in the eyes. The severity of MGD can vary and it is best to catch it early, so it is essential to see a doctor when regular dry eye symptoms occur. EverTears® is a simple, effective treatment for dry eyes and a convenient treatment for MGD.

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