Treatments for Dry Eyes


Searching for treatments for dry eyes? EverTears® by ThermaMEDx is one of the best treatments for MGD, or Meibomian Gland Dysfunction, the most common cause of chronic dry eye. If you’re looking for convenient dry eye treatments you can use at home, work, or on-the-go, look no further than ThermaMEDx. What Causes Dry Eyes? Whether…

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What is the Best Dry Eye Remedy For MGD?

best dry eye remedy

What Causes Dry Eye? Meibomian (oil) glands help keep your eyes moist. These thin glands line your eyelids and release protective oils from tiny openings at the “margin” (the edges of our eyelids that touch when we close our eyes). Every time we blink, the Meibomian glands secrete enough oil to coat the surface of…

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What Are Effective Treatments for MGD Patients with Dry Eye


Chronic dry eye is a common, irritating condition. Many people don’t really know what dry eye syndrome is, realize they have it, or know what the treatments are for it. There are different causes, symptoms and severities. It is best to know how symptoms add up, what MGD is, and the most effective dry eye…

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Dry Eye Syndrome – Causes, Treatment and Prevention


Dry eyes affect millions of people around the world. Whether you’ve spent your day at the office, out shopping, watching TV or any type of screen, you may notice that your eyes are extremely dry and uncomfortable. If you experience consistent or regular dry eye symptoms, you may have dry eye syndrome. Causes of Dry…

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